Ciro Junior Zinno, composer

Ciro Junior Zinno

Italian composer Ciro Junior Zinno presented his creative work “Henko” in the Constellation: Power of Music contest.


About Henko

HENKO is a japanese word that means deep change, which implies that there is no turning back from the starting point. And this is what this musical piece is all about. Through the ancient form of topic and variation, the composition wants to act as a teaching leader for young flute players, showing them the most common extended techniques in contemporary music. A guide towards an inner change with the aim to explore new ways and to approach a different repertoire from the traditional one. (The performer of the work is an italian flutist Sofia Bevilacqua).

Constellation World Talent Network

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Курс підвищення кваліфікації вчителів на 60 годин: "Музична освіта і музична індустрія: Україна, Європа, світ" ↓

Музична освіта і музична індустрія: Україна, Європа, світ

Творчі оголошення: продати пісню, музику, картину ↓

Творчі оголошення: продати пісню, музику, картину


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