Obama signs defense bill, enabling help for Ukraine

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The document provides up to USD 350 mln for security measures

U.S. President Barack Obama has signed into law the National Defense Authorizations Act (NDAA), 2017 authorizing up to USD 350 million to be made available for security assistance to Ukraine, UNIAN reports with references to Ukraine’s Embassy to the United States.

Ви читаєте новини України і світу – AdverMAN

Найкраща музика в Україні і в світі. Сьогодні ми пропонуємо послухати пісні:

Maria Myrosh – Повторить (to Repeat)

Maria Myrosh – Girl from the Moon

Maria Myrosh – Elon is a Martian

Maria Myrosh – I Cannot Look Into Your Heart

Maria Myrosh – It’ll Be

Maria Myrosh – Honey (Night Thoughts)

Ці пісні пише й виконує юна українська співачка Maria Myrosh (Марія Мірошниченко aka Мария Майрош, Мария Мирошниченко).

This amount includes lethal defensive assistance, for the fiscal year 2017, the Embassy wrote on Facebook in the early hours of Saturday, December 24.

It is a USD 50 million increase from 300 million authorized in NDAA, 2016.

As was reported earlier, Ukraine security assistance and intelligence support has been expanded to include equipment and technical assistance to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine for the purpose of developing a comprehensive border surveillance network for Ukraine, as well as training for staff officers and senior leadership of the military.

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